Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sant Jordi ... a book or a rose?

Every year on 23rd April the city's streets and squares become more alive with the little book stalls with the last bestsellers scattered here and there. The flowershops sell roses of all types and colours; the streets get crowded with people browsing books or buying a rose. It's one of the most beautiful customs I know of. It is great to see people at the book stalls in Les Rambles (or any other part of the city) making up their minds about THE BOOK they are going to buy for the loved one. And the colourful bunch of roses ...
What do I like getting for Sant Jordi? Well, will you be surprised if I answer "Both"? I am what the English call "a bookworm" - I love reading - and I love roses, too!!
What about you? What feelings does Sant Jordi evoke for you? Are you a book-person, a rose-person or both?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Are school rules a good idea?

I think school rules are necessary. If everyone did everything they wanted, it would be chaos! There's nothing wrong with having rules; on the contrary, it makes life much easier for all people involved. It is a way of learning about living in society. It clarifies what you can or should do in certain circumstances and also what you mustn't do. But I believe these rules should be reasonable; I mean, rules must contribute to the well-being of the people involved - otherwise, they become non-sensical.
What do you think? Are school rules a good idea?